Friday, April 29, 2016

Spring/Summer Collection! Buffalo, NY

Do you wanna spice-up your Spring/Summer wardrobe? The answer to that is YES! Here at Urban Leisure and Luxury, we got what you need to spark-up your closet and be the trendiest person of this year Spring/Summer Seasons! Trust me, we can help you! Below are some examples of attires we put together for you. Enjoy and let us dress you for an exciting and new you!
 Wardrobe Makeover
Mustard Seed Fit & Flare Red Dress
Mustard Seed Crop Chiffon Shirt (Skirt is sold out!)
Mo:Vint Black Crop Sweater with Flare Stripe Skirt
Lucy Love Carlyle Dress
Elan Terracotta Kimono
HYFVE Collection Long Split White Top
HYFVE Collection Black Crepe Tank
Lucy Love Riley Romper and Desigual Tais Jacket
Lucy Love Moon Shadow Romper
Desigual Mono Mandarian Print Romper
Elan Terracotta Romper
HYFVE Collection Chiffon Coral Romper
Lucy Love Black & White Stripe Romper
Shampoo Lace Shoulders Sweater with Dex Bermuda Shorts
HYFVE Collection Strappy Crop Top with Buffalo Faith Midnight Straightleg Jeans and Fedora
Mo:Vint Cream Sleeveless Crop Sweater with Dex Cargo Pants
HYFVE Collection Black Chiffon Shorts (Shirt is sold out!)
Fashion on Earth Collection Navy Stripe Crop Top with Belted Navy Shorts
Fashion on Earth Cream Stripe Crop Top

Friday, March 11, 2016

Ladies Spring is finally here! The Spring collection we have are the perfect pieces for you to wear on a perfect weather. The latest trend we have to offer you. I am sure that you will be very trendy in our Spring collection. Ladies, get ready to be complimented! Here are some pieces for your inspiration and make sure to swing in by the store and see what else we can offer you for this upcoming Spring season. 
Boho Chic!
First Image: Double Zero taupe romper with fringe top and accessories
 Second Image: Double Zero suede crop top and fringe skirt

Comfy Chic!
First Image: Mustard Seed lace-up top with Volcom cross-body bag
Second Image: Buffalo ladies cold-shoulder top with Desigual bag

Vacation Romper!
First Image: Elan floral chiffon romper with geometric jewelries
Second Image: Double Zero print romper with Volcom take it easy top

Dressing up!
First Image: Black Swan Liana dress and accessories
Second Image: Dex baroque floral dress with green army jacket
Third Image: Black Swan Amanine dress (also come in serenity blue) and accessories

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Apparel-Buffalo,NY

Ladies and Gentlemen, winter is finally here and we are here to make sure you stay warm and cozy!! Layering up and dressing accordingly to the weather conditions are some tips for you. Here are some men's and women's apparel that will surely keep you toasty throughout the day! Stay warm my friends!!
Dex Puffer Jacket-Wear sweater underneath for warmer feelings

Superdry Moleskin Shirt-Wear a long sleeve or a light hoodie underneath
Bench Sweater and Vest- Under the vest wear heavy apparel (like above)
Bench Coat-Either a light or a heavy shirt will keep you warm underneath
Volcom Coat-Either a light or a heavy shirt underneath
Dex Jacket-Wear a light shirt underneath and accessorize with a heavy scarf for more warmth
Superdry Shirt-Since this shirt is already thick, wear a light shirt underneath and a light jacket on top
Desigual Coat-Either a light or a heavy shirt underneath and accessorize with a thick scarf
Superdry Vest-Wear long and  thick shirts underneath and a light jacket on top

Friday, November 20, 2015

Small Gifts, Buffalo NY

Looking for something small to give for the upcoming holidays? At Urban Leisure and Luxury we have it all for you for the upcoming holidays! Stop by and see what small gifts you can find to give to loved ones.
 Personality Coffee Cups

 Are you or do you know loved ones that love to drink coffee? Well here are the perfect cups for them, or you! We have great cups that reflect every personality and awesome gifts to give for the holidays!

 Scented Candles

These candles would be the perfect candles to have for a romantic candlelight dinner with your loved ones. Come in and grab yourself a bunch before they run out!

 Beer Sleeves

These beer sleeves will sure keep your beer or drinks cool, as well as your hands. These sleeves are awesome gifts to give friends or family who love to drink! Or do you know any loved ones that always bury their faces in the books? Here are some books that we offer that might interest your loved ones. These books range from informational to hilarious!
 Different Varieties of Books 
Record Books Holder

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Women's Fall fashion preview, Buffalo.

This classic flannel dress is the perfect Fall piece to have in your closet. Pair them with accessories and you will own the Fall.
Flannel Dress

Pair this vegan leather skirt with a Fall color inspired flannel makes for the right kind of outfit for cool Fall weather. It also doesn't hurt to have a more sophisticated look for a night out during the Fall season!
Vegan leather skirts fit perfect with flannels
Night Looks

If you were to buy a Fall sweater, this sweater is a great item to put in your cart. It's colors are as brilliant as Fall itself and trust me, it'll go awesome with whatever you have in your closet.
Perfect Length Sweater