Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Buffalo's Favorite Romper - Perfect for Fall 2014

Our ivory romper was the star of the Elmwood Village's two page spread in the Fashion Issue of Buffalo's ArtVoice. The spread advertised clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women, and children from all of the different retailers on Elmwood Ave. The ad was created to show readers how you can create a stylish and unique look simply by shopping in the Elmwood Village and supporting local businesses. 


We love this romper so much that we restocked it in jade, black and ivory! The brown braided belt (as shown in photo) is included! This romper is a must have for Fall 2014. You can dress it up with heels and statement jewelry for a night out, or wear it casually by accessorizing with boots & boot socks and wear your hair up (for ex. in a top-knot.) The belt can also be changed for a new/different look. Since the romper has an open back it can be worn with either a bra-let/bandeau or backless bra! We sell backless bras, so if you are unsure of what they are, be sure to stop in and ask any of our sales associates about them!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sweater Season in Buffalo?!

Sadly it seems that the Summer weather is coming to an end.
At least that means you can begin your Fall shopping!
Urban Leisure & Luxury loves sweaters, stop by and see all 
that we have to offer for men's and women's transitional & Fall apparel.

Sweaters for Women:

Long cardigans are a good transition piece from Summer to Fall because they look cute when worn with either shorts or jeans! A ankle length sweater will keep your legs warm when being worn with shorts because of its length. A long sweater with a jagged cut looks super stylish when layered and worn with jeans during the Fall. Try layering one of these sweaters over a cute top with a scarf and some unique jewelry! 

Over-sized crocheted/knit sweaters are perfect for Fall. Whether black and white or full of color, they are a must have piece for Fall 2014. Over sized sweaters are a trendy yet effortless look and can be paired with many other pieces that you probably already have in your closet! Try pairing an over sized sweater with jeans for a stylish look, or with leggings for a cute and cozy look. Add jewelry, a scarf, a handbag, or other accessories to make your look one of a kind.

Sweater dresses are another Fall must have! They are just as easy as a maxi dress is in the Summer! Rock a cute sweater dress like this one on a warm or cool Fall day. You can cuff up the sleeves if it's expected to be a warmer Fall day or add layers if it's expected to be cool outside! Try adding tights/stockings, a light jacket, or even another sweater if you are not warm enough wearing just a sweater dress! Try accessorizing this look with a belt, scarf, jewelry, or boot socks.

Sweaters for Men:

A dressy men's sweater should be a closet essential. A neutral dressy sweater can be layered over a button down shirt of any color or pattern. These sweaters can be worn for a night out, or to an interview. It is a classic look that pulls together any Fall outfit. Below is a 7 of Diamonds wool sweater that can be found at Urban Leisure & Luxury. The button down and denim from the below photograph can also be found at Urban Leisure & Luxury!


This light hooded sweater is ideal for the leisurely man because it's comfortable yet still cool. It can be worn khakis or regular indigo denim depending on what look you are going for. This sweater can be layered with a light jacket for cooler Fall nights. It's the perfect sweater for back to school because it is simple and stylish.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fall in love with Fall styles at 
Urban Leisure & Luxury!

 Go for a stylish rocker look:
Start with some faux leather pants and a draped top, or two. We layered two draped tops in different colors. Then add on a skinny belt to exaggerate your waist line and some shiny accessories. We chose to accessorize this look with multiple silver and black bracelets a.k.a. an arm party! We also added on a silver studded handbag for a little edge!

Go for a trendy, all black look:
Here we paired a loose fitting mock neck sweater with a sweater skirt. Try tucking the loose sweater into the skirt, different ways for different looks. We accessorized this look with a black hat and gold jewelry to pull it all together. Try adding a pop of color such as red lip stick and red pumps to instantly turn this day look into a night look!

 Go for a casual Fall day look:
Whether warm or cool, Fall weather is typically unpredictable! Be prepared with these layered looks from Urban Leisure & Luxury! 
Below Left: We layered a fall colored tunic underneath a khaki asymmetrical vest. We accessorized this look with a leather band Nixon watch and a knit circle scarf (being held in photo.) All available at Urban Leisure & Luxury!
Below Right: Deep fall colored stretch denim paired with a brown faux leather jacket and a TOKYObay arm party! We chose to pair fall together several colored TOKYObay bracelets for this arm party.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Is your wardrobe ready for Fall 2014? 
There are so many new Fall fashions, trends and colors that there is no way your closet is prepared for this Fall! Keep your closet up to date and fashionable, 
shop at Urban Leisure & Luxury!

Here's a peek of what Fall looks like at 
Urban Leisure & Luxury!

Top Right look: Women's Desigual crochet sweater, paired with Buffalo denim in 'leaf' (available in additional colors and styles), and a circular scarf (available in additional colors). Accessorized with a brown skinny braided belt & a gold necklace.

Top Left: New men's Volcom Polos in new Fall colors!

Bottom Left look: Women's Desigual wrap sweater, paired with an asymmetrical khaki vest and a circular scarf. Accessorized with a bronze necklace & green velvet belt (from the sweater).

Bottom Right look: Men's khaki jacket paired with a Quicksilver flannel and indigo Volcom stretch jeans (available in additional colors and styles).

 We LOVE Fall textures like faux leather and knitted sweaters here at Urban!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stay trendy, shop at Urban Leisure & Luxury
for an up to date and stylish selection of menswear

Here's a look at just a few trendy, transitional menswear (to wear) as the warm summer weather winds down and the cool fall weather emerges.

We layered a colored T with a modern tie died/plaid button down and a light weight zip-up sweat shirt. This layered look is trendy and a comfortable outfit to wear from warm days to cool nights.

Colored T: Volcom
Button down: Buffalo by David Bitton
Zip-up: Buffalo by David Bitton
Jeans: Buffalo by David Bitton
Sun glasses: Ray-Ban


(We have a wide selection of men's button downs, T's, and denim in different styles, colors/shades and brands.We also have the biggest selection of sunglasses in Buffalo, with brands such as Ray-Ban, Versace, D&G, etc.)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

2   D A Y S   A W A Y !
You are not going to want to miss
The Elmwood Village's
2nd annual SIDEWALK SALE on
Saturday August 2nd from 10am - 7pm!

The following are the stores participating in this years sidewalk sale:

-Half & Half Trading Company, 1088 Elmwood Ave
-Blush, 1005 Elmwood Ave
-SSet, 1005 Elmwood Ave
-Spoiled Rotten, 831 Elmwood Ave
-Second Chic, 810 Elmwood Ave
-ShoeFly Buffalo, 801 Elmwood Ave
-Anna Grace, 799 Elmwood Ave
-Her Story Boutique, 779 Elmwood Ave
-Buffalo Fleece & Outerwear, 758 Elmwood Ave
-Artisan's Hands, 754 Elmwood Ave
-Urban Leisure & Luxury, 736 Elmwood Ave
-Ro, 732 Elmwood Ave
-Village Designs Elmwood, 448 Elmwood Ave
- Shopaholic Fashionista, 425 Elmwood Ave

Visit this link on our Facebook Page to join the event!

Urban Leisure & Luxury will be featuring trendy men's & women's apparel at up to 75% off of our original retail prices!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Silly Sock for men and women 
at Urban Leisure & Luxury

Here are just a few of the silly socks that we have to offer for both men and women! We have more arriving for the Fall/Winter seasons as well, so be sure to stop back in and check them out!

Silly Socks make perfect gifts for just about any occasion and person.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Make A Bold Statement
with Urban Leisure & Luxury's hott new statement jewelry

What is statement jewelry?
Statement jewelry is any bold necklace, bracelet, ring earrings, etc. that stands out when worn and draws the attention of others. 

Tips for wearing statement jewelry:

1.) Try pairing statement jewelry with solids, pin stripes, or faded patterns (instead of bold patterns or already embellished garments) so that your garments do not draw the attention away from your statement pieces and over all look.

2.) Try wearing only 1 - 3 statement pieces at a time, for example a bold ring and statement necklace. You can always pair statement jewelry with non-statement jewelry, but you don't want to over whelm your look with too many distracting pieces of statement jewelry.
3.) Try pairing your statement piece with a solid contrasting or complimentary colored garment!

Don't be afraid to try something new, statement jewelry is 'IN'! 

 (ABOVE: Beaded Statement Jewelry Set; each sold separately)

(ABOVE: (left) Vinyl Record Cuff, (right) Oval Link Gold Necklace)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stylish Mens Wear
from Urban Leisure & Luxury 

Get The Look!

 (From the above look - 7 of Diamonds button down shirt, Wood Thumb wooden skinny tie (also available in regular & bow tie versions,) Buffalo slim fit denim, TOKYObay watch and bracelets.)


Do you want to look stylish and keep up with constantly changing fashions? Of course you do, so you should come and do your shopping at Urban Leisure & Luxury! We have both casual and business attire. 

We carry button downs, T-shirts, polos, suits and suit jackets, board shorts, cargo shorts, khakis, jeans, sweaters, bags, watches, hats, wooden ties, and much, much more.

We carry men's brands such as (David Bitton) Buffalo, Volcom, Ben Sherman, Ray-Ban, Proof, Tense, and Desigual just to name a few!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Trends
Are you looking for a new Summer look that also happens to be trendy?
Here are a few tips to try out for yourself!
-Try mixing bold summer colors with each other, also try mixing patterns with bold colors.
-Try loose linen or printed pants, also called palazzo pants
-Try patterned head/hair raps or head scarfs 
-Try bold jewelry in bold colors 
-Try new silhouettes, such as this yellow & white tank top (featured above.) This top is available at Urban Leisure & Luxury in yellow and white (above) and in black and white.


Above are some different ways to wear head scarfs from pinterest

Friday, July 11, 2014

Urban Leisure & Luxury 
has the largest selection of sunglasses in Buffalo!
RayBans, Proof, Persol, Burberry, D&G, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Blenders, Floats, Smith, Oakley, POLO, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, ECO, Suncloud, Prada, William Painter
Stop in and we will upgrade you from your current outdated or dollar store shades!
**We offer Polarized and Chroma Pop lenses 

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Now available at 
Urban Leisure & Luxury!
Vinylux is a vintage vinyl design company that creates;
-Record Bowls
-Record Coasters
-Record Journals
-Record Magnets   
from recycled vinyl records.

                        (BELOW: A preview of some of the vinyl coasters we have available in store!)


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Urban Arm Party
Below are just a few of the TOKYObay watches 
and bracelets that we have to offer in our store!

Check out TOKYObay 
Watches and bracelets for 
men and women! They are 
meant to be worn together or "stacked" for the perfect arm 
party. The TOKYObay
collection uses traditional Japanese 
"Sanada Obi" which is a 
tightly woven flat cord 
that has been used in the 
Japanese culture for 
over 400 years. This fiber 
is woven by hand and takes approximately 1 month to finish one band. Only a  small collection of craftsmen located just outside of Kyoto produce this type of weaving technique.

LEFT: Men's TOKYObay watches; top paired with men's TOKYObay bracelets.
RIGHT: Women's TOKYObay watched stacked with various bracelets for the Arm Party look!

Monday, June 30, 2014

July 4th is less than a week away, are you ready?!

Be festive in this red & white maxi dress! 
It can be paired with some blue mirror lens Ray-Bans for the beach, or with a denim jacket and some jewelry if your plans include going out to dinner!