Friday, November 20, 2015

Small Gifts, Buffalo NY

Looking for something small to give for the upcoming holidays? At Urban Leisure and Luxury we have it all for you for the upcoming holidays! Stop by and see what small gifts you can find to give to loved ones.
 Personality Coffee Cups
 Are you or do you know loved ones that love to drink coffee? Well here are the perfect cups for them, or you! We have great cups that reflect every personality and awesome gifts to give for the holidays!
 Scented Candles
These candles would be the perfect candles to have for a romantic candlelight dinner with your loved ones. Come in and grab yourself a bunch before they run out!
 Beer Sleeves
These beer sleeves will sure keep your beer or drinks cool, as well as your hands. These sleeves are awesome gifts to give friends or family who love to drink! Or do you know any loved ones that always bury their faces in the books? Here are some books that we offer that might interest your loved ones. These books range from informational to hilarious!
 Different Varieties of Books
Record Books Holder

Friday, October 16, 2015

Colder Weather-Men's Apparel, Buffalo NY

Alright gentlemen it's time for you to walk the street in style. These pieces can either be casual or nights out with friends. Also, perfect for this season weather! It'll keep you warm and fashionable! Come into Urban Leisure and Luxury, and scan through our great quality apparel!!
 Silicon Core Shirt and Buffalo Graphic T-shirt
 Buffalo Denim Jacket and Superdry Slim Pants
Denim on Denim
Quilted Superdry Plaid Flannel
Superdry Vest and Plaid Flannel
Bench Coat and Levi's Jeans

Colder Weather-Women's Apparel, Buffalo NY

Colder weather is heading our way faster than we though, but don't worry ladies we have what you need for the chilly weather of Buffalo. Urban Leisure and Luxury have apparel from sweaters (dresses) to jackets that will keep you warm and cozy during this cold season. Stop by and see what you can find for your style. We have it all and the quality is great!!
 Black Swan Moto Jacket
 Black Swan Trench Jacket
Bench Girls Fur Hood Parka
Slit Side Long Tunic Sweater
 Volcom Cable Dress
Bench Girls Knitted Dress

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Men's Accessories, Buffalo NY

These are some items that every man need to have within their apparel closet. It's time for men to step out with a style that will compliment them and these accessories are the keys. Gentlemen, you too can own the street! Come check out what else we have!
Eurosport Bag & Epoch Hat

Women's Accessories, Buffalo NY

These accessories are to died for, trust me. They are perfect to have either in your closet or on the dresser. When you have them on, they will give you many compliments. Ladies, you will feel like you own the street! Great accessories! So come stop by and see what you can find because we have many varieties of accessories for you to choice from.
Barcelona-Unique Jewelries
Modern Jewelries
 Fedora and Modern Necklace 
Desigual Wallet
Fashionable Scarves

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Women's Fitness Apparel, Buffalo NY

Varieties of fashionable apparel that form your 
body due to its elasticity and comfort. 
It's time to show off to the guys, ladies.
Sweats with hints of Color by Desigual
Sporty Tank and leggings for Yoga Time by Desigual
Fitness Power, Top and Bottom By Bench,
 Sneakers by Desigual 
Jog it off with this zip turtle neck top by bench
with these floral leggings and fun sneakers by Desigual

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Women's Fall fashion preview, Buffalo.

This classic flannel dress is the perfect Fall piece to have in your closet. Pair them with accessories and you will own the Fall.
Flannel Dress

Pair this vegan leather skirt with a Fall color inspired flannel makes for the right kind of outfit for cool Fall weather. It also doesn't hurt to have a more sophisticated look for a night out during the Fall season!
Vegan leather skirts fit perfect with flannels
Night Looks

If you were to buy a Fall sweater, this sweater is a great item to put in your cart. It's colors are as brilliant as Fall itself and trust me, it'll go awesome with whatever you have in your closet.
Perfect Length Sweater

men's Fall Fashions; Buffalo

Fall isn't that far away, it's actually right around the corner. The perfect colors for Fall that men will appreciate. These pants can be wear not only for casual style but you can wear them out for a fun night with friends. Try pairing them with fun Fall flannels!!
 Fall Flannels-A pop of colors
Fall Pants-Day to Night

Try pairing colored chinos and a flannel with a jacket that will keep you warm and cozy as Fall becomes Winter.
Jackets-Cooler days
Jackets/Wind Breakers for those rainy days

If dressing up isn't your style, try the classic flannel with a pair of sweat pants. The Superdry vest isn't a bad idea to have for Fall as the weather become cooler.

 Flannel with vest-Cooler weather